Braces Home Video Repair Guide

Published by the British Orthodontic Society, here are ‘how-to’ videos to temporary repair any issues you may have with your braces, during lock-down.

Sore spots?

Brackets can irritate the lips for a few days after the brace has been placed. In some cases, patients may get ulcers.  We provide each patient with orthodontic wax which can be placed over the area causing irritation to cushion the area until the lips and cheeks become used to the brace. In the case of ulcers, hot salt mouthwashes help to ease the discomfort. Should the irritation last longer than a few days, or the wax doesn’t help, call the surgery to see if an appointment needs to be scheduled.

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Difficulty eating?

Diet needs to be adapted when fitted with a fixed or removable brace. Food should be soft so nothing hard, sticky or chewy.

Change in speech?

This is common when a removable brace is first fitted and there is also a lot of saliva present. This will return to normal within the first 48hrs if the brace is worn all the time as instructed. If the brace is constantly removed for eating or social events the tongue and brain cannot get used to it so these problems will continue and treatment will not progress.

Tooth Ache?

When the brace is fitted, the pressure is applied to the teeth to gently move them into a new position.  This can cause some aching or tenderness for a few days but the amount and duration of the tenderness are different for everyone. Painkillers you normally take for a headache should help.  If your discomfort lasts more than a week, please contact the surgery.

Bleeding Gums?

Braces do not cause your gums to bleed.  Bleeding occurs when teeth and gums have not been brushed efficiently. Wearing braces means it is a lot harder keeping your teeth and gums clean.  It is very important that more time is spent cleaning the brace, teeth and gums. Cleaning should take at least 4mins.A double-ended Orthodontic toothbrush is recommended with a fluoride toothpaste. Disclosing tablets are also used to help identify areas that are being missed.

Digging wire?

Sometimes the wire can poke out the back of the brace. This may be because a bracket has come off or the teeth have moved.  If this happens don’t worry.  Try to bend the wire in towards the tooth so it doesn’t irritate your gums or use the wax provided to cover the end of the wire  Make an appointment for us to trim the wire.

Broken or lost your removable brace or retainer?

If you have lost or broken your appliance you must contact us as soon as possible.

If your appliance is broken DON’T throw it away.  Keep it safe and bring it with you.

A charge may be applicable for a replacement appliance this will be explained when you phone.

Teeth begin to move when the appliance is not in place so telephone as soon as possible.

Do fixed braces mark teeth?

No braces themselves do not mark the teeth however if the braces are not cared for properly during treatment when the brace is removed there can be permanent marks left behind.

To prevent any damage or marks on the teeth it is very important as well as regular cleaning, with a fluoride toothpaste, and sticking to a soft diet, to prevent damaging the brace, that the patient avoids fizzy or sugary drinks and sugary snacks between meals.

I have a complaint

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